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CC displays a clock with the day and date applet and a month calendar
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Calendar Clock is an Opera widget that can display a clock with the day and date applet, and a month calendar.
The Opera widgets are free desktop applications that do not need the Opera web browser running to work. But it must be installed in your system, or the widgets will not run.

This widget was developed using the Flash Clock source code created by Adam Dorman. The clock used by andyere is the Analogue Face model. If you click on the program, you will be directed to Adam´s site at

Calendar Clock can show two different screens, that you can switch by choosing the "Always On Top" wheel. One of them will show the name of the current day, the date and an analogical clock that displays the seconds. The other one will show a sheet of the whole current month, with the present day marked in red. To show all this data, the program will take the date and time from the system´s clock.

Right-clicking on the program´s screen you can access the widget´s context menu, that will allow you to select where on the screen you want to arrange the window of this program, the zoom you want to apply to it, and if you want to use the Remote Debugger.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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